Towards a different world of banking


We believe that financial services can be more equitable:

  • where bank services are paid for transparently and the vulnerable not penalised
  • while management is kept simple and straightforward
  • from a provider that does not gamble for profits.

We are working towards the creation of such a bank.

We are always glad to hear ideas and share views: please contact us with any questions

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Who are we?

We are a networked group of interested individuals from many backgrounds – including business people, bankers, campaigners for social justice, and believers in change.

We believe in more equitable banking practices. We seek an ethical, honest approach to banking such that customers know what they are getting and how much it costs.

Our heritage comes from the Quakers and Business Group; our Directors are Quakers strongly rooted in the Quaker tradition, but we are not part of the centrally managed work of The Society of Friends.

QFT stands for Quaker Finance Trust.

QFT is a Community Interest Company registered at Companies House acting as the legal entity for the project.

QFT does not act as a bank, or engage in any form of Financial trading.

When we surveyed interested people, we found considerable enthusiasm for a retail bank.

What are we trying to do?

We wish to create an equitable retail bank which serves customers in the UK, offering clear and simple banking services.

We believe that there is a better way to create alternative retail financial services than by challenging the dominant banks at their own game.

We believe we can create a bank where customers know they are more important than profits.

Our strategy employs diverse perspectives from outside banking, and deploys a new and unique approach to the UK retail banking sector.

Our short term goal is to secure a licence to operate under UK Regulation through the PRA and Financial Conduct Authority.

How to help?

Our current activities are focused on market testing and product development.

If you feel you have relevant experience and would like to get involved, please contact us.

We are funded voluntarily, and have to date operated on a pro-bono basis to maximise the effect of financial donations.

If you wish to offer us some assistance, consider making a donation, or would like to understand more about how we operate, please contact us at

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We are always interested to hear from sponsors, donors, and individuals or groups with similar goals.

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